I began this blog with the intent of providing a space for my personal worldview.  That worldview is culled principally from my work in science, but it owes a debt to religious and philosophical discourse as well.

One might be tempted to ascribe the “nihilist” label to this belief-system, but I believe it is probably more deconstructionist/(unfortunately) postmodern/mystic.  Mystic in the sense that it lacks an anthropomorphized life-force.

Anyway, this sort of thing doesn’t really translate into research, and it’s good to have a place to give vent to all the ideas I have that don’t otherwise fit into any specific area.


3 Responses to About

  1. Dan Jenkins says:

    Andrew…I made the “mistake” of dubbing some of your thoughts ‘nihilist’ at some point, even with an unsure definition of nihilism myself. I don’t think that anymore. Plus, I haven’t read your writing since Richmond.
    –Dan Jenkins

  2. Dan Jenkins says:

    Please keep posting. I enjoy your writing. It isn’t polluted with rhetoric, nor right and left nonsense. I’m actually thinking differently, and less in terms of what I see in front of me.

  3. 0thevh0 says:

    Thanks brotha! That’s definitely a compliment coming from you. How’s your writing going? See you’ve got a blog going on, I’ll def check it out and put it on my blogroll if that’s cool with you.

    I think my Richmond-era writing was mostly fauxcialist (foe-cialist?) haha

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